Large Cabinet, 16 x 12 x 10 cm
Sub-Rosiclare Level, Denton Mine, Harris Creek Dist., Illinois, USA
Ex. Ross Lillie

This large and impressive fluorite specimen has crystals that reach 9 cm across on edge, exhibit complexly fine faces, and is lustrous and translucent. The sharp rich colors of the color-zoned phantoms make the piece stand out from across a room, with even minimal backlighting. A light purple band at the terminations is 2 cm thick while the core is a rich lavender color, demarcated by a violet line. Mined in August,1992 from the Bahama ore body and from the Ross Lillie collection. RCL#0723. This is, for the size, in amazing condition overall (though not quite pristine, with some very minor edge wear). In person, it takes very little backlighting to show the colors, which is highly unusual for a crystal of this size and color saturation from Illinois. Hefty at 1850 grams!