Cabinet, 11.1 x 5.0 x 6.1 cm
Hofsgrund, Schauinsland, Schwarzwald, Baden, Germany
Ex. Dr. Gary Hansen; University of Paris
This is a true antique specimen! The color is so neon in hue, that in context with the rolling texture of the piece it is quite simply one of the most visually striking specimens I have ever handled, pyro or otherwise. I KNOW it is just botryoidal, non-crystallized pyro but its just that pretty, so it transcends its embarrasing lack of crystal form. I have seen but one other specimen of this material in all my time as a collector (from an old collection in the US), and it was about 1/5 the size and significance and yet caused an equal stir before repatriating to a good home in Europe. It is from a very rare and famous location where these were found some 125-150 years ago, I am told by several Europeans and by Dr. Mark Feinglos (who has extensive suites of both German minerals and pyromorphites to compare it to). Further support was provided by the label on the other specimen, though one can only speculate why the folks at the Sorbonne didn't bother to do the same research and asking around that I did when they traded the piece to Hansen in the 1970's (Hansen: pers. comm.). Again, the soft velvety color and texture is unreal and not normally associated with pyromorphite in general! This specimen is complete all around, though it has some admittedly odd dark highlights oriented on the back faces of the "grapelike" clusters of pyro (just as did my previous specimen which can be seen here:. very IMPRESSIVE In PERSON!