Calcite (Dt, Fluorescent) on Fluorite
Small Cabinet, 6.0 x 5.7 x 2.7 cm
Minerva #1 Mine, Cave-in-Rock District, Hardin Co., Illinois, USA
Ex. Dr. Art Soregaroli

A first-class combination piece from the famous Minerva #1 Mine! With Illinois Fluorites, you always want good luster and gemminess, but rarely do you find them together. Here you have it - lustrous, gemmy crystals with a nice purple color. The largest is 2.2 cm. Attractively mounted on the Fluorites are numerous, doubly-terminated wheat sheaf Calcites that reach up to 2.8 cm tip to tip. On top of that, the Calcites are fluorescent. Don't be deceived by the fact that the back faces of the Fluorites are textured by contact to former matrix association - these Fluorites are quite gemmy, and they have interesting, almost octahedral, phantoms, as well. Unusual, sharp aesthetics!