Rosiclare Level, Denton Mine, Illinois, USA
Large Cabinet, 24.6 x 11.5 x 7.3 cm
Ex. Ross Lillie
This is a major, large, display-quality fluorite of classic Illinois style. Note the stepped growth and sharp phantoms within, that are really even more impressive in person. When backlit, this piece really shows off much more color than in standard lighting as shown. These rich purple-colored fluorite crystals, to 3.9 cm across, are razor sharp - you can cut a finger on them. In fact, a few of the fluorite crystals are downright gemmy at the edges. The large plate, which weighs 3.7 pounds, is in remarkable and near pristine condition with only some trivial wear at the very periphery. The display face is so sharp and geometric it looks carved - a rare quality in specmens of this size. Mined in June 1989, Ross Lillie noted on his label that this is a "top notch piece" of similar style to a find in 1979. RCL 137