Baryte on Fluorite Breccia
Large Cabinet, 23.3 x 19.3 x 10.6 cm
Sub-Rosiclare Level, Hill-Ledford Mine, Cave-in-Rock District, Illinois, USA
Ex. Ross Lillie
A huge, impressive specimen that is very unusual for this fluorite mine: Emplaced on brecciated/crudely crystallized fluorite is a very clustered plate of interjoined, tabular, ivory-colored Baryte crystals to 5.5 cm across. For such a large specimen, the crystals are in wonderful condition overall. Mined in the early 1960's, this is from a very old mine in the district - and not much was preserved from that time and place. So, it is a rather important and cabinet sized showpiece from the district. RCL 1347
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