Large Cabinet, 28.7 x 11.8 x 9.7 cm
Bethel Level, Minerva Mine #1, Cave-in-Rock District, Illinois, USA
Ex. Ross Lillie
This huge, single scalenohedral calcite crystal is 5.5 pounds in weight! It is gorgeous: lustrous and translucent, along with exhibiting a superb, rich amber color. As the crystal grew it split into multiple terminations, almost 2/3 of which have pristine terminations (and the ones that have small cleavages at the tips get lost in the overall look anyhow). An amazing specimen! Lillie noted on the back of his label that this was one of the specimens selected by Chicago Field Museum in an attempt at a deal before he sold the collection, and that it is the largest good calcite of this style he has seen from the district. RCL 870
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