Calcite on Sphalerite, on Galena
Sub-Rosiclare Level, Denton Mine, Illinois, USA
Small Cabinet, 7.2 x 5.4 x 5.1 cm
Ex. Ross Lillie
Emplaced on a matrix of galena and a druse of ruby jack sphalerite is a superbly crystallized, glassy and gemmy, deep amber-colored calcite crystal measuring 4 cm in length. The color is intense, the luster is intense, and the contrasts are striking. This is one of our favorite calcites in the collection in this size range. In person, it just "pops" with sparkle and subtle details. Inside the calcite is a scalenohedral phantom (more visible in person). Mined March 1992. The calcite is on sphalerite covering an old galena crystal underneath. RCL 47