Fluorapophyllite With Stilbite
Aurangabad, Maharashtra State, India
Large Cabinet, 30.2 x 28.0 x 16.7 cm
This monster specimen is the size of a watermelon and weighs over 20 pounds. It is huge but also aesthetic in every way: this large cabinet specimen is studded with intergrown fluorapophyllite and stilbite crystals for a rich contrast. The fluorapophyllite crystals, to 6.1 cm across, are lustrous and translucent with deeper color on the edges. The stilbite crystals, to 7 cm in length, are lustrous, often exhibiting a bow tie effect, and have a nice pastel pink color. The specimen is in remarkably good condition, and has excellent 3-dimensionality and horizons to its edges. For a large specimen, this is actually "specimen quality" and not just a decor piece. From the January 2014 pocket.