Arsendescloizite With Mimetite
Ojuela Mine, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico
Cabinet, 11.0 x 6.3 x 5.0 cm
Ex. Jean Hamel; Carter Rich; James and Dawn Minette
Bright green and slightly translucent, this botryoidal arsendescloisite specimen covers one side of a gossan matrix. The largest spheres reach 1 cm across. This large, rich specimen is from the small find of about ten flats brought to Tucson in 1989. They were mined in 1988 (according to the MR issue on the Ojuela Mine), AND THIS IS A WELL-DOCUMENTED "BEST OF" FIND for this prolific mine. Some pieces were sprinkled lightly with mimetite (much of it white), some of it greenish off white, and I think that is the lighter-colored, cauliflower-like mound atop. These specimens, hard sought now, are seldom seen on the market. Few collectors who own a good Ojuela or species suite want to sell theirs. This turned up at Tucson 2014 in a collection that was being sold off, and I was stunned, because it actually is a rather large specimen and of high quality - it was, in fact, Jim Minette's (and comes with his handwritten, characteristic label) ! He had a choice collection, some of which was sold privately to his longtime friend Carter Rich before Jim passed away and the collection sold as a whole to others. This went to Carter, and then to the previous owner. Before Jim Minette, the piece was owned by collector/dealer Jean Hamel, and she was almost certainly the original owner from when it came out. So, this is large, beautiful, rare, and from the best-of-species find at a great locality; and with provenance. I was stunned to see it sitting on a table for sale at Tucson. Honestly, I believe I have sold one piece in the past for a higher price, which I needed because I paid more for it than I can now sell this one for. And, I have seen only a handful turn up again in 30 years, in total, of which this would be one of the best.