Thumbnail, 1.9 x 1.4 x 1.0 cm
Gachala Mine, Boyaca Dept., Colombia
From near the famous emerald mines, this glassy and gemmy, bright blue euclase crystal exhibits the best qualities of its species. Minor contact on the back side (common for the species) does not diminish the rarity or quality of the crystal. It displays phenomenally and has superb color and the top glassy luster you can ask for. The gem weight is 15.91 carats. It comes from the (Midwest Federation) award-winning case of TN specialist Robert Randall, and was obtained by him in Tucson in 1983 from the thumbnail display collection of famous collector Ed Swoboda (as noted on Robert's label - Ed had no labels). I have seen few thumbnails of this particularly broad, fat crystal habit. Most modern thumbnails from production in the 2000's here have come out in a thinner style of crystallization and a slightly more pale color. This is an older, classical style.
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