Quartz Var. Amethyst
Las Vigas, Veracruz, Mexico
Large Cabinet, 18.0 x 14.0 x 4.0 cm
Ex. Jason New
This stunning specimen is from the personal collection of Jason New, who is one of the biggest exporters of minerals from Mexico, and which I bought a few years ago. It is a showcase large cabinet specimen with no damage, high luster, and top quality crystals to 3.5 cm. The color gradations deepen as you approach the tips, all of which are RAZOR SHARP and almost faceted in their appearance. This is the top luster and crystal quality you can get in a Las Vigas specimen. Furthermore, the intense purple crystals are set off against the contrasting matrix. The only problem with this 3-dimensional piece is that it looks good from all sides, and it is agony trying to decide how to best display it for the geometry of the piece overall, or for putting the bigger crystals more on top or centered. Joe Budd photos.