Prehnite on Epidote
Small Cabinet, 6.7 x 4.6 x 4.3 cm
Djouga, Bendoukou, Kayes Region, Mali
Ex. Herb Obodda
This superb specimen really stands out above many of the similar combinations that have been coming out of Mali over the past few years. IT IS ON MATRIX, which you almost never see! The visual balance between the spherical Prehnites and the robust Epidote spray that they rest on is exceptional. The wonderful translucent green balls of Prehnite, which range up to 1.3 cm across and have frosted surfaces, are draped across this fabulous Epidote spray. The deep green, nearly black, Epidotes radiate below the Prehnites, and these thick tabular crystals are up to 1.7 cm long. Outstanding aesthetics. Again, loose clusters are common enough, sure. But matrix pieces featuring a rosette and cluster like this? Few and far between.