Chrysocolla Ps. After Malachite After Azurite
Miniature, 5.1 x 4.8 x 2.8 cm
Whim Creek Copper Mine, Whim Creek, Pilbara, Western Australia, Australia
A classic from this defunct locale! This is a DOUBLE PSEUDOMORPH showing a change of chemistry twice over to end up with a complete chrysocolla replacement of the original azurite crystal habit, with malachite as a transitional stage. Large and beautiful specimens of this caliber are very rare and hard to obtain. This piece I find particularly elegant because of the curvature of the azurites, and the sharp preservation of this form after two rounds of chemical replacement. Often, the pseudos get rounded with time and change. This one, however, is super sharp! For size, overall aesthetics, color hue, and curvaceous form - one of the best I know of! I sold this once years ago, and was happy to get it back recently. Joe Budd Photos.
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