Gems and Jewelry, 6.1 mm x 4.5 mm; 0.70 cts
Tsavo National Park, Kenya
Tsavorite is a Vanadium bearing Grossular and was discovered over 30 years ago in Kenya. This material along with Demantoid, is the best green Garnet in the world. Typically this material can be a very light mint green or an undesirably dark green, but this particular gem is a rich, very desirable, saturated, intense emerald green color. Tsavorite has for many years been a rare, high-in-demand gemstone in the retail market, and thus commands a high price due its rarity and beauty. Keep in mind that the top quality Tsavorite in the world only comes from one area and the supply has certainly been dwindling in the last 10 years. This gem is a superb, saturated, nearly eye clean, "Cushion" cut gem and is very good quality.
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