Smithsonite (Cuprian - Incredible Color)
Gems and Jewelry, 9.02 mm x 7.31 mm; 2.77 cts
79 Mine (79th Mine; Seventy-Nine Mine; Seventy-Nine property; McHur prospect), Chilito, Hayden area, Banner District, Dripping Spring Mts, Gila Co., Arizona, USA

A large percentage of the Smithsonites that I have seen from the famous 79 Mine show some kind of an olive-green, or yellow-green hue. Rarely have I encountered GEM quality Smithsonite from this mine with such saturated green color! This "Oval" cut stone, despite the fact that it's not 100% clean, is a remarkable stone from this well known Pb-Zn-Cu-Ag-Au-Mo-Sb-V-Fe deposit. Perhaps the color in this stone is amplified by either Copper or Vanadium or both (?), but you would be hard pressed to find another Smithsonite from any locality with this intense green hue. One does not encounter many of these gems on the market, and no rare gem collection is complete without a good Smithsonite, let alone an electric green gem from Arizona! This is one of the very few Smithsonite stones from Arizona that I've had to offer or seen! Don't miss out, especially if you're a collector of US gemstones.

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