Gems and Jewelry, 22.73 mm x 12.43 mm; 15.04 cts
Itrongay, Madagascar
Sanidine is a Potassium Feldspar that is found in various localities around the world, but GEM quality material is scarce, especially in larger pieces. Recent analysis has shown that many of the famous yellow "Orthoclase" stones from the classic locality of Itrongay in Madagascar are actually some of the finest gem SANIDINES extant. The best of these crystals are good sized for the species (especially in gem material), but to find gem quality Feldspar with any color whatsoever is notable. This rather large stone is certainly noteworthy and stands well up against the majority of the gem Feldspars I've seen from this area in terms of size, color and clarity. The stone is a very attractive yellow color, with nearly eye clean clarity and a "Modified Emerald Brilliant" cut. These gems are not very common, and are some of the most rare Feldspar stones around.
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