Microlite Included In Tourmaline (Floater)
Large Cabinet, 16.6 x 3.7 x 3.0 cm
Paprok, Nuristan, Afghanistan
Ex. Matthew Webb
This large tourmaline has tons of colors running through the rainbow as you go up to the sharp prismatic termination. This fantastic large specimen, which is complete all around and unrepaired, was mined in 2001 and sold to Matthew Webb within weeks of it coming to the US with a friend of mine. It has been out of sight in Australia ever since, and I have never seen another like it to this day. The piece features included octohedral crystals of microlite, that are easily visible, to 7 mm in size. It would be a darned good tourmaline (and, I think, a value) by any standard for its size and condition, but the microlite inclusions take it over the top in my book.