Cabinet, 11.7 x 5.7 x 3.3 cm
Quincy Mine, Hancock, Michigan, USA

A sharp copper cluster that literally stands on its own two feet'displaying great horizontally and standing on its own, balanced on the points as shown. However, it ALSO looks incredible displayed upright, vertically - with either end equally fine as bottom or top. The piece is complete all around, though contacted and naturally flat in back, rather than as robustly crystallized as on the front face. The patina is superb, and makes the clean lines and shapes all the more sharply defined by its subtle coloration.The largest crystal is 5.5 cm, doubly terminated. Even the smaller crystals in the cluster are outstanding and sharp. This piece came from an old collection we got into, and probably dates to the 1800's heyday of these mines. Joe Budd Photos.