Calcite Var. Manganoan
Large Cabinet, 17.2 x 12.8 x 7.8 cm
Huanggang Mine, Hexigten Banner, Inner Mongolia A.R., China
This is one of the few really large pink calcites recovered in good condition, that we are aware of. Most were small, or big and damaged. This is so different from any other calcite style we have seen - an intense pink cluster composed of intergrown "wheat sheaves" of elongated manganoan calcite crystals, with an intense pink coloration to them (stronger, richer pink color in fluorescent light as opposed to halogen light, under which these photos were shot). Unlike most others which form cauliflower-like masses, this piece shows more discrete crystallization. Complete all around, this is from a series of pockets which produced such pieces in mid-2011. Seems that since then, new pieces of this style are more uncommon. I believe these will be remembered as a contemporary classic, as well as for their beauty. The pink, manganoan-rich calcite is fluorescent orange-red under UV light. This specimen is complete all around. It is 1170 grams in mass, no lightweight; and displays well on its custom lucite base. Note also that the pink color saturation seems to be volumetric - in other words, the bigger pieces are actually slightly more rich pink, in normal lighting.
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