Meyerhofferite After Inyoite
Cabinet, 11.9 x 9.5 x 6.7 cm
20 Mule Team Canyon, Furnace Creek, Death Valley National Park, Inyo Co., California, USA
Ex. Al Ordway

Perched on matrix is an aesthetic cluster of opaque, snow white crystals to 4.5 cm in length, of meyerhofferite pseudomorphing inyoite. These are related and very rare calcium-rich borates. This replacement, and either species in big sharp crystals, is seldom found at any other locality (although recent finds in Argentina produced some). Such a pseudomorph is a very classic locality piece for this important deposit, though they are now only seldom seen for sale. Note, these are particularly soft and fragile - so large, cabinet pieces like this in good condition are hard to come by today. The color is a gorgeous white, literally like snow.