Danburite With Tourmaline
Small Cabinet, 6.8 x 6.6 x 4.9 cm
Mina La Verde, La Huerta, Baja California, Mexico
Ex. Al Ordway
A rare locality piece! Obviously from a pegmatite, this stout, doubly-terminated, lustrous and translucent danburite crystal is studded on one face with several translucent green elbaites, to 5 mm in length. The danburite is to 6.8 cm on edge. The danburite crystal has been contacted on the back, but that is not visible when orienting the specimen and it displays fairly impressively. Such pegmatite origin danburites are uncommon. Baja minerals in general are pretty hard to come by as there are few industrial grade deposits, and most of these come from artisanal, hand exploration pits and claims spread far and wide.