Celestine Intergrown With Calcite
Mojina Mine, Sierra Mojina, Flores Mago'n, Chihuahua, Mexico
Cabinet, 12.2 x 10.0 x 7.4 cm
Ex. Richard Heck
This is a really neat and weird style of specimen, that we have only seen from the old finds at this locality. Multiple fingerlike stalactites of celestine and calcite intergrowths, to 6.9 cm in length, are emplaced on matrix (also intermixed). The celestine is lustrous and gemmy and a lovely sky blue color, while the calcite is nearly snow-white. The swirling contrasts are striking, and this is one of the better-preserved examples of the material that I have seen go by in 2 decades of knowing about them. I could not even find when they were mined, except that older collectors always told me (as a young calcite collector myself): "a long time ago." Usually you only see small pieces, or large but damaged specimens. This one is pristine and complete all around, except only the massive matrix at base. It is aesthetic and displays well from ANY angle or view. The upper display side of the largest finger glows a neon-green fluorescence, indicative of a thin coating of hyalite opal. Although not in the Heck collection of Mexican minerals as are most others in this update, this piece is from the Stoudt collection which I also recently acquired, and so fit well with the larger update.