Beryl Var Heliodor
Wolodarsk-Wolynskiy, Ukraine
Cabinet, 14.2 x 5.2 x 4.1 cm
Ex. Bruce Oreck
This specimen was pictured on the cover of the Nov-Dec 2009 Mineralogical Record issue containing a long article on this famous gem crystal mine. It is also pictured inside the article, shown after being mined. The piece is gemmier than most, sharper than most in form and termination, and retains a hexagonal shape unmarred by too much etching; and yet enough etching to give it the fantastically complex surface structure we love to see in these beryl crystals. It is absolutely pristine, and is doubly-terminated. Here is a stunning, large specimen of heliodor that is not just gemmy, but is TOTALLY 100% clean and of gem quality - two entirely different uses of the base word "gem!" 532 grams mass - which is a LOT of treated, cutting-quality aquamarine rough in the gem trade (although one should never cut such a perfect crystal!). Formerly in the collection of Daniel Trinchillo (known to keep great Russian pieces); and of collector Bruce Oreck. Joe Budd photos.