Smoky Quartz (Gwindel) on Quartz
Dodo Mine, Saranpaul, Prepolar Ural Mtns., Western-Siberian Region, Russia
Cabinet, 11.0 x 11.0 x 5.5 cm
Ex. Richard Kosnar
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This is a classic twisted quartz (known as a "gwindel") from the classic Russian alpine locality which had its heyday around the 1980s. Along with the Swiss Alps and a few mountains in France, this locale has produced the most famous gwindel quartzes around, known for their bright gemminess and their dramatic twisting style. The twisted quartz here is slightly smoky, contrasting appealingly to the matrix it sits on of normal, upright quartz crystals which are more white in color. This piece has a pronounced twist of, at a guess, 15 to 20 degrees from the vertical as the gem-clear smoky quartz cluster rises up from the matrix of quartz on which it sits. It is one of the more dramatic examples in this size range that we have seen, in fact, for both the degree of twist and the perch on matrix. The gwindel is nearly pristine (I see only one trivial ding when looking closely), complete all around and good from both sides. This specimen was purchased in Russia by the van Scrivers and traded by them to Richard Kosnar in the late 1980s, for his well-known but secretive Alpine collection. I obtained it directly from the Kosnar family. Joe Budd photos