Wulfenite (2 Generations)
Wulfenite, near Urumqi, Kuruktag Mts., Xinjiang (Xinjiang-Uygur) Autonomous Region, China
Cabinet, 11.0 x 7.5 x 6.2 cm
Ex. Dr. Robert Lavinsky
Wulfenite from the remote Kuruktag Mountains came onto the market first around 2007, and I was hot on the trail of the rumors of the find before it left China. This was a specimen I purchased at that time for my own collection of large China minerals, and it remained my favorite large wulfenite from this find for years. It is the only large example of this strange dual-colored crystal habit, with robust, m fat crystals instead of the generally thinner crystals this find is known for now. Also, a second generation of wulfenite with more red color, lays at the base. This particular piece, I liked, because it is just so unique amongst the others out there. I have now gotten one larger piece I was after, although it is of a different habit, and I cannot keep all things. So this is up for sale for a brief time...Joe Budd photos