Diaspore (Twinned)
Miniature, 3.6 x 3.6 x 2.6 cm
Selcuk, Mugla Province, Aegean Region, Turkey
Ex. William (Bill) Larson
Once an old classic, there was a lapse of production from this locality for decades. Now, re-mining efforts for specimens here have produced a probably brief burst of this old gem material again, and at very reasonable prices for specimens in better condition than the pieces we find stashed in most old collections from the 1960s-1970s. NOW is the time to get one! I have never seen such good material from this historic location on the market in my own lifetime, at fair prices no less; and I believe it will not last. This is a particularly fat and gemmy crystal, twinned, with substantial value in gem-cutting material alone. It is complete all around, and shows unusually well-developed, broad terminations. It is pristine save for only the most trivial of nicks, nothing consequential - remarkable for a soft species in this size, and from this locality. This fine miniature was purchased in Europe in 2009 and has been in the collection of Bill Larson, prior to an armtwisting exchange to me recently. If from the older finds, from an old or museum collection, one would expect to hav epaid double for a piece with more damage before this new find, to get anything remotely as displayable. I am a big believer in revisiting old lcoations that produce again, and putting away for the long droughts that inevitably follow. Joe Budd Photos