Manganite (Doubly-Terminated)
Small Cabinet, 7.5 x 3.25 x 1.5 cm
Ilfeld, Harz Mountains, Germany
This specimen is unique in my experience in that I have never seen a larger manganite crystal from this locality (which produced best of species by any reckoning, in a small, aberrant, ultra-rich vein in the 1880's), nor a floater of such size. It is terminated on both ends and is remarkably free of damage. The terminations, it is true, are not the usual simple basal termination but rather are complex and multifaceted; reflecting from any number of microterminations making up the aggregate termination. It is really quite shocking - when I saw it in the collection, I at first mistook it for a Peruvian hubnerite because we really are not used to thinking in terms of such size for euhedral crystals of this species! Comes with custom lucite display base which mounts it rather elegantly, I think. It is also pristine and complete all around, save for one small notch contact, and is of higher luster in person as well.