Gold - The Halo
Cabinet, 15.0 x 12.0 x 2.8 cm
Serra Pelada Au-(Pd-Pt) deposit, Curionopolis, Carajas, Para, Brazil
Ex. University of Arizona
At 900 grams, this is an astonishing, dense, solid gold specimen in the shape of a ring, or halo. The entire thing is composed of minutely crystallized gold, with sparkly faces and points all over it when seen with a loupe. It is not "just" a nugget. It has long been known, among the relatively few dealers who knew the reclusive previous owner, as one of the best pieces in a collection built between the 1950s and around 2000. It belonged to Hubert De Monmonier (1919-2007), and was donated by bequest to the University of Arizona Museum to add to their displays and to provide specimens for sale to establish an endowment fund for museum operations, in perpetuity. This was, to my mind, one of the top two or three specimens they let go in the recent deacquisition sale. It is rumored to be the largest crystallized gold from South America and, to my admittedly limited knowledge, this is indeed the case.Joe Budd Photos