Apatite in Calcite
Cerro de Mercado Mine, Victoria de Durango, Durango, Mexico
Miniature, 5.0 x 5.0 x 3.3 cm
Ex. Jason New

This is, according to the man who brought them out to market in the last 5 years, the finest miniature recovered in the modern reworking of this old locale. It was found around 2008 and was in the collection of Jason New until recently (he and his family run a large specimen mining operation in Mexico, and he has superb taste in specimens to keep!). I am told that the production of truly good pieces from this mine is now only a few per year, with the majority being "wholesale or bulk level" material. The large crystal is 3.2 cm tall and is SUPER GEMMY. You may have seen old apatites from this mine. They were gemmy too. But, this one has a degree of clarity and internal brightness that must rank it highly, and to my eye it is simply a little bit finer in quality than any older examples I have seen in the size class. It is brighter, sharper, more lustrous, as a gem crystal. Also, the piece is simply very aesthetic, overall. Joe Budd Photos

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