Miniature, 5.5 x 5.0 x 3.6 cm
Santa Cruz, Mun. de Santa Cruz, Sonora, Mexico
Ex. University of Arizona

A very gemmy, translucent, glowing crystal of scheelite from the mountains of Sonora (no specific locale was attributed, but it is classic for the region and for this mine). Nearly complete-all-around and with only minor edge wear, this specimen stands as a very fine example of the species from Mexico. In person it has a unique yellow-orange color that is really quite different than Chinese material we see today, and similar to but brighter and more gemmy than the old Korean scheelites. The surface luster is very bright - not lustrous and smooth, but nevertheless very bright and shiny. This specimen is very similar to a famous piece from the Dr Miguel Romero collection that was on loan exhibition to the University of Arizona Museum for over a decade (featured in the book "The Miguel Romero Collection of Mexico Minerals"). If you had swapped out the Romero piece for this one, they are of such similar size and presence that I doubt anybody would have noticed. Such pieces are extremely rarified and seldom seen on the market. I am told that they are thought to have come out prior to the 1970s but perhaps as far back as the 1940s. This specimen was donated by noted collector Rukin Jelks, to the University of Arizona Museum when it was still the State of Arizona collection. His original label is preserved, as well as the Museum label.