Chalcopyrite (Unusual Twin)
Arakawa Mine, Akita, Honshu, Japan
Thumbnail, 2.6 x 0.6 x 0.2 cm
Ex. Martin Zinn
These almost legendary old floater chalcopyrites are seldom seen today for sale and, I am told, date to the mid to late 1800s. I have seen only enough to count on one hand, in 20-plus years of knowing what to look for in old collections and museums. A true floater with no visible points of attachment, this chalcopyrite crystal is early pristine with just the few faintest little dings (considered acceptable for size, rarity, and age of the piece). It is an unusual, lamellar twin of a very rare habit for this or any other sulfide species. It is heavily striated, has good luster and a bronze color and natural patine that just looks elegantly "old." Marty purchased this from dealer Dave Bunk, out of an old collection, sol din 1993.