Demantoid Garnet (New Find)
Gems and Jewelry, 12.0 x 9.0 mm; 2.03 cts
Antetezambato, Ambanja District, Antsiranana Province, Madagascar

From the cherry-picked collection assembled during several years of excavation by Dr. Federico Pezzotta, discoverer of Pezzottaite and the man who handled the most of these demantoids as well, we are proud and privileged to offer this unique lot of gems cut from a modern day classic find: world-class demantoids from Madagascar. These have a slightly higher brilliance and dispersion than Russian demantoids, though slightly less green intensity. They are also, of course, a fraction of the price of the traditional Russian material which has been selling regularly for several thousand $$ per carat. Top quality demantoid crystals from the find lend themselves well for rough-and-cut arrays, so these gems are perfect complements to any mineral collection. Of course, the rarity and quality of these stones also mark them as excellent picks for investment or jewelry. This brilliant modified trilliant is one the largest of the lot. It is eye-clean (though the super high resolution photo picks up what we would see under a loupe, slight feathers). The cut is very well done, bright and gorgeous in all respects!