Tourmaline Variety Rubellite
Gems and Jewelry, 24.0 x 12.0 x 8.0 mm; 14.75 cts
Jos Plateau, Nigeria
We are fortunate to offer a select group of very fine select rubellites - the red gem variety of tourmaline. These are all cut from the same parcel of rough, mined in Nigeria in around 2003 and stashed until now. NO FURTHER material of this combination of intensity and internal brightness has been mined since, in any quantity, and stones above 10 carats are now going up rapidly in value. This is a most handsome pear-shaped portuguese cut of rich red color. It has slight purpley tones when viewed from the sides. It is very transparent and nearly clean to the eye - though our hypersensitive high resolution camera picks up more veils than the human eye sees easily, please note. The unusual designer cut lends itself well to a unique pendant either with or without accent stones. A great value for the money as rubellites of this particular material in the size are now scarce on the market. Untreated .