Spinel (Lavender)
Gems and Jewelry, 14.0 x 1.0 x 7.0 mm; 7.01 cts
Sri Lanka

Another unusual spinel of excellent quality that nicely complements the blue specimen above. This oval portuguese cut has a strong lavender hue - top color for its type, if you want to classify it. There is a slight "window" to the gem, but it's both large and clean with superb clarity. Mineral collectors are familiar with red spinel, but richly colored specimens of other hues are in high demand by gem collectors as the species is both wearable and underpriced in the public market relative to their more famous colored brethren, the rubies & sapphires. In fact, fine cut spinels often trade with a higher desirability than similarly-priced colored stones of other species, as you get more for your money with a spinel (according to Wise: Secrets of the Gem Trade - a great book you can buy on Amazon). Accoprding to his book's recommendations, this is a rare fancy colored spinel of a size (over 5 carats) to be considered investment grade.