Miniature, 3.4 x 3.2 x 1.7 cm
Jeffrey mine, Asbestos, Quebec, Canada (TYPE LOCALITY, TYPE MATERIAL)
Ex. Francesco Spertini
Spertiniite is a very rare copper hydroxide that, surprisingly, was found first at the Jeffrey Mine - a place more famous for garnets and asbestos from which I had never heard of any copper species specimens. It is named after Francesco Spertini (b. 1937), chief geologist of the Jeffrey mine. This piece came from his collection to me, via exchanges with a European academic/collector. It is a very rich example of this extremely rare species from its type locality - and I am further told it is one of the richest, largest examples found. This piece features a vein of microcrystalized, intense blue spertiniite, on contrasting white matrix. The piece was obtained directly from Spertini and is from the original find he made here in 1980, from which the type specimen also came. Spertini kept this for over 20 years, in his own collection as a premier display-sized example.