Enosburg Falls Stone Quarry, Enosburgh, Franklin County, Vermont
Cabinet, 13.6 x 7.7 x 3.4 cm
A thin crust of microcrystalline albite is covered by gorgeous, sparkling, glassy macrocrystallized albites, to 3.2 cm across. The colorless albites are mostlly tabular, glassy and gemmy, with the most incredible pearlescent luster you can imagine. They do NOT look like feldspar, but more like some freaky gem crystals or brilliant topaz. A few crystals appear to be twinned. Amidst this find, this is one of the larger pieces. The right half is mostly massive, where it contacted matrix. The specimen can be left large, or trimmed in half through the middle to make a more fully crystallized plate measuring about 3 x 3 inches in size. However, given the small size of the find here, we left it big for the moment because of the overall import of the size, and because the more massive side can also act as a natural pedestal to mount the top, better crystallized area, vertically for display. Otherwise it sits nicely horizontal as shown, too! Very nice, large display plate, at a reasonable price for the quality of the material.