Enosburg Falls Stone Quarry, Enosburgh, Franklin County, Vermont
Cabinet, 12.7 x 9.7 x 4.9 cm
The largest matrix plate recovered from this small pocket: The display side of the specimen is covered with mostly tabular, colorless, albite crystals with pearlescent luster and rich translucence which make this find so shocking. The crystals look mor elike topaz or phenakite, other gem species, than like feldspar! The matrix of this specimen is covered in tiny vesicles filled witjh what appears to be epidote on the underside. The largest of the gemmy and bright albite crystals measures over 4 cm across - huge for this find. And, the plate is literally smothered in them, shooting up to the left and right for a good degree of balance as a whole. Several crystals also appear to be twinned as a bonus. In addition, there are a few tabular, splendent, jet-black crystals of hematite, to 8 mm across, nestled down at the base of some of the albite crystals. This makes the specimen one of the 4 in the pocket with this association. Very nice display piece, and an important US feldspar specimen both!