Enosburg Falls Stone Quarry, Enosburgh, Franklin County, Vermont
Small Cabinet, 6.7 x 6.1 x 6.0 cm
This aesthetic matrix specimen is highlighted by a large, twinned, tabular, glassy albite crystal that is 4 cm across. It has a thin druse of silvery gray chlorite on the back side of the crystal, and is completely transparent throughout. It has RAZOR SHARP, lustrous edges to its terminations and is really just the sharpest single crystal in the lot, in this size range. The whole specimen sits up beautifully for display, and I particularly like the contrast in form and texture between the albite and the chlorite druse located on the lower center of the specimen. In person, you will see more of a 3-dimensional depth that is hard to convey in the photos, as the other crystals in the pocket below the apex crystal splay out quite nicely.