Small Cabinet, 61.0 x 26.0 x 20.0 mm
Merelani Mine, Arusha, Tanzania
This specimen and the previous piece were part of a small but choice lot mined in the summer of 2010, that featured unusually intense color in natural (unheated) crystals. It shows in a case without need for strong backlighting.This specimen is 62 grams, and measures just under 2.5 inches tall. It is riveting for its gemminess and intense blue and purple colors. The area of gem quality cutting rough in the top half of the crystal is of superior quality and would yield a fair amount of (intrinsic) value if cut. In person, it is stunnign and bright internally in a way that photos cannot easily convey. THE COLOR IS INTENSE...in the photos, while technically accurate, the luster and brightness simply are muted. When backlit from the bottom or top, flashes of electric red can be seen (as shown in bottom photo), although again the photo simply does not convey the intensity of the effect and it is more red than purple, in person. The views here show all four sides. The piece is complete all around with no bruising or contacts at all. It comes with a custom lucite base for display. This is a MAJOR specimen for the size and price range, with a considerable value intrinsic to the quality of its cutting rough. It is good enough for any major collection and would be quite difficult to upgrade, I believe, without jumping to a higher price range yet (and then, it is very rarified anyways in terms of what may be available) .