Miniature, 54.0 x 43.0 x 29 mm
Merelani Mine, Arusha, Tanzania
This specimen and the next were part of a small but choice lot mined in the summer of 2010, that featured unusually intense color in natural (unheated) crystals. It shows in a case without need for strong backlighting.This specimen is 85 grams, and measures just over 2 inches tall. It is riveting for its gemminess and intense blue and purple colors. What I really like about it from a collectors' point of view is that it is a fat, wide, laterally-presenting crystal whereas so many tanzanites of this size present a narrower view through the gemmy zones. Thus, you get a lot of display oomph for the price, compared to some others. The area of gem quality cutting rough is very high in proportion to the volume, and so a fair amount of value is present in the form of rough for cut gems. When backlit from the bottom or top, the colors light up in a merger of both blue and purple, with flashes of electric red (as shown). The views here show front, side (more purple in person!!), and then rear views with a shot lit from above showing the red color mixing. The piece is complete all around except only the most trivial of nicks and a slight contacting on back. It comes with a custom lucite base for display.