Serpentine (Bowenite) (Chrome Bearing)
Gems and Jewelry, 17.0 x 6.7 mm; 3.56 carats
This material is rarely seen in faceted stones, and even more rarely in 7 CARAT gems that are gem quality! Bowenite is actually a variety of Antigorite which was first found in Italy. The name Serpentine is applied to a group of minerals and is not a valid species. This stone came to me labeled as being a chromium bearing gem, and it comes from a trusted source. The material is extremely rare in any quantity, but to find a stone with such great gemminess is really impressive. The stone is slightly translucent and has a rich emerald-green color in strong lighting. The gem has a "Rectangle" cut, and one of the corners has a bit of a white hazy appearance.
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