Triplite (Exremely Rare)
Gems and Jewelry, 7.3 x 5.0 mm; 1.20 carats

Triplite is not rare in the aspect that it is found in various part of the world, but the large percentage of ALL Triplites around the world are essentially black and opaque, and not gem quality with a bright salmon orange color like this stone! There was one find of these crystals and rough in Pakistan a few years ago, and they are simply some of the most impressive gems of any phosphate I've seen from any locality. One would be hard pressed to find another gem like this on the market, considering that all of these stones were quickly scooped up when they were made available. This particular stone is very attractive, extremely rare, very slightly included, bright salmon orange color stone with an "Oval" cut. A beautiful stone of this amazingly rare material.

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