Sinhalite (Rare)
Gems and Jewelry, 10.1 x 9.4 mm; 6.11 carats
Sri Lanka
Sinhalite certainly has an interesting story behind it. This material was long thought to be brown Peridot until it was investigated in 1952 and found to be a new mineral. The material gets is name from the old Sanskrit word for Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) "sinhala." It is usually found in metamorphic contacts in limestone like the skarn zones in Tanzania or in Warren County, New York. This is a rare gem, and despite its rarity, it occurs in very large gems from Sri Lanka. Stone between 1-5 carats are not unheard of. This particular stone is a virtually eye clean, light golden yellow gem with a beautiful Emerald cut on it. A very cool stone and very good sized for the material.
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