Gems and Jewelry, 9.25 x 7.25 mm; 3.29 carats
Khyber Pass, along the Afghanistan/Pakistan border
Epidote forms an isomorphic series with Clinozoisite and Zoisite, and is a relatively rare gem in the world. This stone has the distinct pleochroism for Epidote, showing a golden-honey color one direction, a brownish-green color another direction and an yellowish-brown color in the third direction. This stone is very slightly included, but is a very good size stone, and does not appear "black" as so many cut Epidotes often do. The gem has a standard "Emerald" cut, and is certainly one of the finest gems of this material that I have seen. For the prices being asked for these gems, these stones are becoming very difficult to replace for the same value. Do not miss out on this one, as it is the best gem of this material that I have to offer.
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