Beryllonite Cat's Eye (Rare)
Gems and Jewelry, 11.0 x 6.8 mm; 2.66 carats
Beryllonite is a very rare phosphate, and until this new find was made in Afghanistan, the only known cut gems were from Maine. This stone is not clean by any means, but it is a rare gem that would make a great addition to any rare stone collection. Typically Beryllonite has many small "tube like" inclusions and it is those inclusions that create the "cat's eye " in this "Oval Cabochon" cut stone. I've photographed the stone with a penlight to help show off the "eye" better, and this is one of the better stones of this material that I've offered in a while. These gems are not common, and with limited material coming out of Afghanistan, I expect the price will increase in the years to come.