Smithsonite (Rare Yellow Color)
Gems and Jewelry, 12.2 x 5.9 mm x 2.79 carats
Masua mine, Sardinia, Italy
The Masua mine in Sardinia, Italy has produced some of the most impressive and eye-catching yellow Smithsonite from any locality. This material is most likely either Cuprian and or Cadmian Smithsonite, but there's no denying the beauty and sheer impact of the electric yellow color of the material! This stone is a wonderful, bright lemon yellow color stone with a "Pear" cut. The gem itself is translucent, but I have never seen completely transparent stones from this locality. As a matter of fact, I have only seen a handful of these gems in my life, and yellow stones are certainly hard to come by, especially anything that comes close to the intensity of this stone. The gem looks good in the photos, but even better in person. A wonderful opportunity for a collector to snag this attractive and rarely seen gem.
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