Gems and Jewelry, 5.7 x 3.3 mm; 0.83 carats
Franklin, New Jersey
With the hundreds of species found at Franklin and Sterling Hill, there are only a few that are worthy to yield cut stones. A few that come to mind are Willemite, Sussexite and Friedelite. Most species from Franklin are either too tiny, too devoid of color or too rare to even consider cutting into gems. Zincite is a relatively uncommon oxide and some of the most well known examples of this species are found around Franklin, New Jersey. Gem quality Zincites crystals are not unheard of from Franklin, and they can yield some very attractive gemstones. With that said, facetted Zincites from Franklin are still very difficult to obtain, especially in this market. This stone, despite its black appearance, has a rich blood red color when strongly backlit, with a Rectangle cut. This is definitely in the rare category, and it's a great stone for rare gem collectors.