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Gems and Jewelry, 12.5 x 8.5 mm; 3.27 carats

Axinite is typically considered a collector's stone, and is rarely found in gems this size. This is a pretty honey-brown color gem face up, but shows a lilac hue when viewed through from the pavilion. The stone has a "Pear" cut. Axinite rarely forms in crystals that are gemmy or thick enough for faceting. It is indeed a very rare gem considering that rough is extremely difficult to find not to mention that this area of Pakistan which produced this material is producing very little of this material. To find an Axinite gem over 1 carat is very impressive, let alone over 3 carats! It is difficult to find this material in clean stones, so inclusions are accepted by most collectors and dealers. This stone is has slight inclusions, but the distinct trichroism is easily seen when the stone is rotated in different directions. Axinite is actually hard enough that it can be worn in jewelry, though it is a bit brittle. A great rare gem for any collector.

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