Gems and Jewelry, 17.1 x 13.2 mm; 7.86 carats
Charcas, Mexico
Danburite is one of those gems that isnÕt often seen in today's market.ItÕs a hard and durable stone which makes it great for jewelry, and it has a higher refractive index than Beryl, Tourmaline or Topaz!Danburite is truly only found in a few places in the world in fine facet-grade material.ItÕs not an extremely rare gem, but there is only one locality (Charcas, Mexico) that produces superior quality stones in larger sizes.This particular gem is a large, bright, attractive, colorless Wide Cut Korner Kite cut stone.You don't see many 7+ (!) carat Danburites around, so don't miss out on this one.Stones like this are certainly above "collector quality", and would make a very worthwhile addition to any gem collection.
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