Gems and Jewelry, 8.8 x 4.1 mm; 1.00 carats
Morro da Mina mine, Brazil

Rhodonite is rarely found in large enough gem sections to facet stones, and despite is simplistic chemistry, it is a relatively rare mineral. The only gem quality Rhodonite that I've seen is from the Morro da Mina mine in Brazil. These stones are rarely eye clean, but they are gem quality Rhodonite and very well known among rare gem collectors. This particular stone has a few slight inclusions, but the color is a rich pink (very similar to smaller Sweet Home Rhodos). The cut on the stone is an Oval cut. There's truly only one mine where you can get gems of this material in the world. I must say that since the stone is somewhat small it was not the easiest gem to photograph, and it does look very nice in person, even though the photos are a bit fuzzy. Nonetheless, it is a beautiful rare gem to add to a rare stone collection. Keep in mind that not all Rhodonite is pink, as there are localities that produce dark brown Rhodonite which is not nearly as attractive as this material